Everyone has probably already heard that the northeast coast of Brazil is the "Hawaii of kitesurfing," making reference to kitesurfing's older cousin, surfing.

But what is it that makes this region so special for practicing this sport? What attracts so many tourists from all over the world?

Have you ever stopped to think why?

The Brazilian northeast and especially the coasts of Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão have much more than just wind, the main ingredient needed for any sport involving a sail. In addition to beautiful scenery, they have some characteristics that create a true paradise for kite afficionados, such as:


- Perfect climate and water temperature

            If you have ever practiced nautical sports in cold climates, you will know how uncomfortable it can be to get in the water on cold days! Nothing worse than getting into tight, confining wetsuits!

Imagine the satisfaction of coming from Switzerland and being used to sailing in freezing cold lakes and being able to kitesurf wearing only a pair of shorts, without any extra equipment at all, as we are able to do here every day on the beaches of Ceará! What luxury! Just don't forget to put on sunblock!


- Constant wind for almost  6 months.

            Does anyone remember geography classes from high school?

“Tradewinds originate from the movement of masses of cold air from high pressure zones that form in the tropics to low pressure zones located at the equator...” remember? Hahaha!! That is what is responsible for the constant winds that make kitesurfers so happy in northeastern Brazil.

Constant wind for almost 6 months straight is why kitesurfers come to Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão for what is known as the “wind guarantee.” 

We kitesurfers and windsurfers in the northeast are used to going to the beach during the season and expecting wind EVERY DAY. No worries! The conditions are perfect for a great sail all the time!

This is rare! A kitetrip in other parts of the world depends much more on climatic conditions, forecasts and even the luck of the sailor.


- Exchange rate

            In addition to all the natural factors, the economy is without a doubt a factor which has a strong influence in why athletes choose to sail in Brazil.

It is very inexpensive to stay in an inn, eat out and even rent a car when your currency is valued at 3 times the local one as is the case with the dollar.

- Hospitable and peaceful culture

            Many countries have natural conditions favorable to kitesurfing like Brazil. However social and political factors can make tourism more complicated in some of these regions.

Venezuela is an example of a place with crystal clear water, excellent wind and beautiful scenery! Unfortunately the country is going through a very difficult and anti-democratic political phase which makes tourists stay away from this beautiful place.

Egypt is also a magnificent place with great conditions for kitesurfing, but constant armed conflicts have caused kitesurfers to stay away.

These types of problems don't exist in Brazil. We are a receptive and peaceful country by nature!


- Long stretches of unexplored and paradisiacal beaches.

Can you imagine what it is like to kitesurf at crowded European beaches like Tarifa, Spain?

A tangling up of kite lines and a real traffic jam of kites, where beginners share small spaces with experienced kitesurfers showing off their freestyle maneuvers. Chaos!

Here in the northeast, geographical conditions allow for kitesurfers to go downwind for hundreds of kilometers with zero crowds, accompanied by a 4 x 4 vehicle providing support and security along the long sandy coastline.

It is possible (and I recommend it :D) to travel downwind by kite, sleeping in a different beach town each night. This is the factor that makes us exceptional. It is a true paradise for downwinders!

It is this type of kite trip (downwind or northeastern kite safari) that we have developed in northeastern Brazil during the last 10 years that we now call “Project Leokitetrip”.

Come sail with us in our paradise!

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