The  West COST of Ceará has the dunes, cliffs, lakes and lagoons some of its most significant traits. Wide beaches, several still in pristine condition and generally inhabited by fishermen communities that preserve their traditions, also help make up the profile of the west coast.


Ceará West Coast (5 to 7 days)


1 day. Starting from Fortaleza towards the beach of Cumbuco, where we will start our 4x4 adventure via beach past Pecem, Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Flexeiras, Mundaú and Icaraí of Amontada.

2 days. Starting from Icaraí of Amontada, we head to the beach of Preá, where else will travel 12 km to reach the beach in the beautiful Jeri!

Three days. Jericoacoara National Park - on the third day we will explore the western part of the park (eco-tour Cavalo Marinho, Guriú mangrove, lagoons pie and Tatajuba). We return to Jeri for the sunset and the traditional capoeira.

4 days. Jericoacoara National Park - on the fourth day we will continue our off-road adventure, exploring the dunes of the eastern part of the park, where we will find the famous crystal clear lagoons (Blue Lagoon and Paradise Lagoon).

5 days. Free day for beach, shopping, horseback riding, ATV and many others that the city offers.

6 days. Return the morning the fortress via asphalt.

PS: This is only a roadmap model that was developed from our experience. It is perfectly possible to modify it, prior organization. No stress! This is a holiday program!

Cumbuco –  Located 35 km from Fortaleza International Airport, the beach is one of the most sought after by kiters from all over the world and has good beach front infrastructure, allowing for comfortable sailing! It boasts the world renowned Cauípe Lagoon, perfect for freestyle. However, during the windy season it is highly disputed territory. The town is quite a tourist location and frequently hosts national and international kite competitions. The dunes and lagoons that encircle Cumbuco make this fishing town a natural amusement park. It is a place full of sand and water activities, like jangada rides, dune buggy excursions, "skibunda," etc.

Taíba - Taíba Beach is 60 km from Fortaleza and is a small coastal paradise in the state of Ceará.  It has beautiful beaches with natural pools in its rock formations, cliffs, dunes and lagoons. It has little urban infrastructure but its great natural attractions make Taíba ideal for Surfing, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing and Sand Boarding, or for people who wish for a tranquil place without much noise, it is great for being in close contact with nature. Like Cumbuco, it also has a lagoon which is perfect for freestye, but can also be crowded on weekends.

Paracuru – By far the best wave spot in the state of Ceará! Located 90 km from Fortaleza, it is a town with beautiful beaches and good hotels, inns restaurants and beach restaurants. It does not have beach front hotels, which makes it harder to get to the beach but the effort is worth it due to the excellent conditions for sailing with flat water at low tide and waves on the outside!

Lagoinha - Located 124 kilometers from Fortaleza, near Paracuru, Lagoinha Beach is one of the most beautiful in the state of Ceará. It is 15 Km long with a wide swath of fine dark sand, fresh water lagoons, coconut palms and a breathtakingly beautiful green sea. The “Jegue Lagoon” offers perfect conditions for learners and practicing freestyle, due to its being shallow.

Guajiru -  180 km from Fortaleza and 35 km from Trairi is a fishing village with white sand and fish weirs located in the municipality of Trairi. It is a small village with about 800 inhabitants from 140 families whose houses stretch down a piece of land between the beach and the dunes and who mostly still do traditional fishing. The village has excellent beach front inns and great flat sailing conditions at low tide, with waves at mid-tide.


Flecheiras- Cozy Flecheiras Beach is one of the most highly recommended destinations on the coast of Ceará for people who seek beautiful countryside, tranquility and good infrastructure. It is 130 km from Fortaleza and is a paradise of coconut groves, good winds, natural pools as well as being more rustic and less crowded than many other beaches in the state, yet it offers comforts. The beach is a large bay, which protects the little village from the winds, however 2 km outside the town, the wind is perfect, offering good flat conditions, especially at low tide.


Emboacas - Emboaca Beach is 10 km from Trairi on a good asphalt road. It is also possible and a lot more fun to go by the beach when the tide is out. The town lies between the beaches of Fleixeiras and Mundaú. It is a small village shaded by coconut palms with around 400 inhabitants, who are mostly traditional fishermen. Most of the houses are simple fishermen's homes. There is no hotel infrastructure but its proximity to Flexeiras makes this beach an excellent option for sailing without crowds!



Baleia - Baleia Beach in the state of Ceará, is one of the best preserved coastal places in the state, surrounded by coconut palms, dunes and calm, transparent waters. It is a little paradise that invites visitors to relax. Located 140 km from Fortaleza, Baleia Beach is great for tourism because of its unequalled natural beauty peppered with Jangadas and a small fishing village, which preserves the simplicity and charm of the village people. The beach has no nightlife and is almost deserted during the week. It has beaches protected by a coral barrier forming natural pools, good for freestyle, however in some parts of the bay the wind can be irregular, but it is nothing that hinders tranquil sailing.


Icaraí de Amontada - Icaraizinho, as the beach is called by people from Ceara is a destination for those who want to escape from the world and get away from it all. There is no cell phone signal here. However, for those that cannot live without being connected, some inns offer wi-fi connections. The little town is charming and has tasteful inns as well as excellent conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing!


Ilha do guajiru - Is a small strip of sand (considered to be an island) located in the municipality of Itarema. It is perfect for sailing and has become one of the most visited tourist spots in the region. There is no construction on the island but at Barra Beach, located on the “continent,” there are hotels, inns and beach restaurants, all at the edge of the “arm of the sea,” facilitating the lives of the sailors! The beach has excellent flat water conditions, especially during full and new moons, when the sailing area is even larger due to the rise in tides.

Preá Beach - This is the gateway to the Jericoacoara National Park, and it is internationally known for its hotel structure, specialized in receiving sailors from all over the world. The winds are by far the strongest in the whole state, easily going over 30 knots, principally in the months of September and October. The village is located in the national park and is only 12 km from the center of Jericoacoara, which makes it a perfect downwind jump off place for going to Jeri!

Jericoacoara - Located approximately 300 Km from Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, or  simply Jeri, is an ecological sanctuary. It was considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Washington Post. In 1984 it became an Environmentally Protected Area (APA in Portuguese), thereby preserving its natural beauty in an almost untouched state. Giant moving dunes, coconut groves, crystal clear lagoons, mangrove swamps, caves, and protected and ocean beaches, combine aspects of the hinterlands and the coastline in this ancient fishing village. In 2002 Jericoacoara became a National Park, reaffirming its importance for tourism in Brazil.



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